Give a few hours and have a great day at the river!


Shifts include set-up and some heavy-lifting like tables and chairs, and help checking in the Racers. Mid-day shifts include helping with Race timing, pouring beer, managing water stations, and being a “runner” as needed. Later shifts include pouring beer and helping with clean-up. You can specify your preference when you sign up.

We will need Course Marshalls and Safety Crew members. As the titles imply, the Safety Crew will be trained emergency personal to assist with any injuries and Course Marshalls assist racers and help enforce race rules to ensure a fair and safe race.

Course Marshalls are stationed at the major portage areas to direct boaters to the marked portage lanes and help enforce course rules and work with Safety Crew if anyone is injured. The Safety Crew consists of trained emergency personnel with first aid certification.

If you have any questions about the Safety Crew or Course Marshall positions, please email info@russianriverkeeper.org or call (707)433-1958.

Thank you…we rely on a volunteer effort to put on a great Race!